Saturday, October 11, 2008

An Atypical Fall Day

For those of you who don't know much about geography, Ghana is located about three degrees north of the equator. For those of you who don't know much about science, that means we don't have four regular seasons like many part of the United States. In other words, my Fall isn't very Fallish! Growing up in Michigan, I loved the four distinct seasons, with Fall being my favorite. We first moved to Ghana the end of August, 2003. It wasn't too hard to deal with not having a Fall until my mom mailed me a package with pumpkin stickers and Halloween (or Harvest, if you prefer) candy. It suddenly hit me that I would live in an eternal summer for as long as I am in Ghana. That was very hard for me to realize! Summer is nice and all, but the thought of never being cold, never seeing the leaves change, never seeing the birds fly south, never getting out the sweaters, and never enjoying hot chocolate in the same way was not an easy thing to accept! It certainly wasn't a trial I'd ever thought about facing! After living here for five years, it is something I've come to accept. I do decorate my front room with pumpkins and leaves (which makes absolutely no sense to anybody here!), and I do make pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies. It helps to ready my mind for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are even more difficult to learn to celebrate in this "tropical paradise," but celebrate them, we do!!!
On that note, I thought I'd include my views from the Simple Woman's Day Book...

Outside my window... I see my laundry hanging on the line and the back wall of our compound (all properties are walled here).
I am thinking...I've got lots to do before going visiting with Gifty and several friends come over for emotuo ne nkatienkwan (groundnut soup and rice balls).
I am thankful for...the great fun we had at our first youth activity last night.
From the kitchen...dirty dishes calling my name and leftover mess from the activity last night to be cleaned up.
I am robe!!!
I am creating...two blogs, several letters, exciting lesson plans, delicious dinners, and captivating Sunday school lessons (sounds rather ambitious, doesn't it?!?) this week.
I am going...out to do salvation Bible studies at one o'clock this afternoon.
I am Bible, and something soon to be determined as I've just finished a short biography about Amy Carmichael.
I am get the house clean, dinner for tonight cooked, meals for lunch and dinner tomorrow cooked, Sunday school stories studied, lesson plans written, weekly menu done, and blogs done before tomorrow (I think that may take a miracle, though!).
I am hearing...Carey and Ella playing on the porch.
One of my favorite things...the opportunity to connect through the internet with friends and family very far away!
A few plans for the rest of the week...I'll just say I'm glad it is Saturday - the end of the week!
Well, that's my view of things from good 'ole Africa!


  1. Hey Sommer Family,
    Did you get your moped going yet Pastor John? I'm praying for you guys. Has Michael gotten saved yet? Will you send my greetings to Michael and Evans. I'm praying for them both. So in a sense I kind of understand the whole "no fall" thing out here in California. I mean it gets a little chilly,but no leave changes like good ol' Michigan. Hey I love you guys! keep serving our Lord!

  2. I love that you're on the internet now too! I'm grateful for it everyday!

  3. Very funny about your front room being decorated and noone understanding why! I say you should put snowflakes and snowmen everywhere for Christmas. Do your girls even know what they are? I didn't think about the season thing. The up side is not having to switch out the clothes each season. It is a task that takes me forever unboxing from last year and reboxing for next year. Then like today--pulling out clothes from the summer boxes b/c the weather is 88 degrees instead of the 62 it has been for the past weeks. Right now my house has clothes being sorted everywhere!! It is insane. I am taking a break from them today. It is Sunday. I am claiming it as a work free day (other than church work).

    I am glad to be able to reconnect this way too!

  4. I love reading your posts! =) I imagine it is unusual not having all the get so used to them in your day to day life.

    and by the way
    Tag-- you're it!!! =)