Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paper Towels

As all of you who follow this blog know, I live in a developing nation (a.k.a. third world country). That means that we have very little development! That includes industries, companies, or corporations. Very few things are made here in Ghana or are made for companies in Ghana. That means that almost everything has to be imported from companies in other countries. This fact leads to two problems: first, the items imported are limited, and second, that most the items that are imported are very expensive. Now stay with me, I really said all of that for a reason.
Coming from America, it was hard to imagine not being able to get things I was used to, but I wasn't sure what exactly those things would be. When we first arrived here five years ago, the list was quite long. We couldn't get much of anything (even in the capital), including internet service in our house! But over time that list has been greatly reduced. Still there were some things that I never thought I'd have while living here in Ghana. One of those things was paper towels. Until I came here, I never realized how much I used them! As a mom with two small children I'm continually cleaning up messes, and when all the messes have to be cleaned up with kitchen towels it really adds to the already overwhelming laundry problems! (See the post entitled "Water" for an example!)
Well, yesterday I went to the store and for the first time ever, they were selling paper towels. At first I didn't get excited, because I assumed they'd been imported from Europe and would be very expensive. But when I looked closer, I realized that they were a brand new product from our only paper products manufacturer in Ghana! Hoorah!!! Part of me is afraid that people here won't know what they are and so won't buy them, but even if they are only here for a little while, I'll think of them as my special little blessing.


  1. You should be sure to use them at your church services, Bible studies. and children's clubs. who knows? Maybe you can start a mad dash of Ghanians going to buy paper towels!

  2. I am fighting roaches here in my "third-world" country of OK.-- who knows your members may be eating them!!! Just kidding:) I am thankful that God does supply even the little things, such as paper towels. Now if He would only rid the world of disgusting bugs and vermin.

  3. I'm excited for you!! haha... I know how it feels to find something from "home" so far away from home!

  4. ok, that was a comment from me, not Jeff..I was signed in with the wrong name...haha

  5. Hey Patty,
    I was researching online about ridding my home of raoches and came across this website.
    I also saw something online about Citronella mixed with tea tree oil. I like the natural solutions, because you never know what kids will put in there mouths (as you well know).