Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Crazy Week

Well, maybe I'm gonna have to change what I said before - maybe my life IS crazy all the time!
This last week has been exciting - as seems to be the normal, lately!
The Lord provided money for the moped we've been praying about, so John got to go to Accra last Tuesday to buy it. He headed out early Tuesday morning and got home late Tuesday night. On Wednesday, he decided it was time to try it out - keep in mind John has never driven a moped before...he started by trying it out on our compound, but there wasn't enough room to get up any speed. So, he decided to go over to the university campus across the road. There are a lot of paved roads there. After about 30 minutes of driving where no people were (and very slowly), he was feeling pretty confident. He headed over to the area near the lecture halls, where there was quite a bit more traffic. To make a long story short...a tro-tro cut him off, he didn't see a huge hole in the middle of the road, he swerved to miss it, he didn't know his back brakes weren't working...he drove into a gutter (a 3-ft. deep cement ditch on the side of the road), just as all the students let out of class...Let's just say, he made quite a scene! After everyone stopped laughing (including John, who wasn't hurt), a bunch of guys helped him get the moped out of the gutter. A worker saw what happened and called his brother, a bike repairman. And now, the repairman has been working on it since then. You see, almost all the mechanics who work on bikes are Muslim and right now we are in the middle of Ramadan (aka a nice reason to not get any work done). Did I mention that the mechanic and his family thought John was a Muslim? Must be the beard! Oh, and did I also mention that the mechanic's daughter thought she would make a good third wife for John? He did not agree!
Ella had a cold that moved down into her lungs and got infected. So, she was quite cranky and miserable from Wednesday going. Her antibiotics seem to finally be working, which is not only good for her, but also good for me, since she's not been sleeping well (and neither have I!).
We got caught in a downpour out visiting on Friday, not such a good idea when you've got a sick child, but some kind people lent us their umbrellas so we could get home! And then, when we got home, Carey reminded me that we hadn't had school yet. (Friday morning was spent at the clinic with Ella, and the afternoon was spent trying to visit in the rain.) So, we had school at 6 pm, while I was trying to cook supper. I guess it's good to know that she likes school so much!
The weekend was busy as usual - we had a good turnout for Sunday morning meetings and a great turnout for Sunday evening.
And now...another week is already well on its way!
As you can see, I still don't have my camera program set up. We're still waiting on one disk to arrive from the States and then.....maybe...we should have our computer back to normal! Hopefully soon!


  1. So glad John was not injured in his adventure :) (and that he is content with one wife)... praying for you all.....

  2. A good THIRD wife? Does John have a second wife you haven't told us about?

    Sounds like there is never a dull moment for you. Oh! The stories you and your children will have for a lifetime!

  3. Hello Patty,
    Glad I found your blog! I am looking forward to keeping up with you in Africa! Take Care!

  4. Hello there! {waves}

    It's great to have found your blog!

    I have been planning for more than 1 1/2 years to come to Ghana for a year and begin a small nonprofit organization that will reach out to churches in the U.S. that have not invested in overseas missions and have a desire to get started.

    I visited Ghana many, many years ago!

    I have the shots done, the Visa and am all packed. The final aspect of my planning is the hardest...locating a host family in Accra, Ghana who would like to host a Christian minister from the U.S. for one to three months!

    Since I am a woman and will be traveling alone, I think it would be best to stay with a host family when I first arrive so they can show me around and so I can learn Ga or Twi and become familiar with Ghanaian customs.

    I started a blog but it's going to serve as my online diary when I arrive in Accra!

    I would love to reach out to you by email and learn all I can! (smiles)


    (*Yes, a woman whose nickname is "Paul"!)

  5. I am so glad when weeks like that are over! I am thankful for every day--but I must say some days are better than others!!!

    Our week has been crazy, too! The little ones at church have been so hyper, too, --abnormally hyper! Is there something to the FULL MOON like they say???

    I must say, I am wondering about the 2nd wife, too--how funny is all that!

  6. Who needs pictures, with all that excitement! And, you relate the stories so well.
    Love ya!