Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're Back!

Yes, we are back online! For me it seems like a million years since I last posted, but I guess it hasn't really been that long! We've got the computer patched up at this point - we had a fried motherboard (due to the extreme heat here in Ghana) and a virus that said that Windows had ceased to exist. To make a long story short, John had to put in a new motherboard and cooling system and then had to wipe the hard drive. The big problem with that was that we didn't have a recovery disk for this computer. Luckily we had a recovery disk that a friend had asked us to hold onto...unluckily, the recovery disk was for an Everex laptop with Vista (as if anyone has ever heard of that before!) So right now I am using an HP computer wired for XP that thinks it is an Everex laptop wired for Vista. Needless to say, I'll be really glad when the recovery disk we ordered gets here! In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to post regularly, but unfortunately it will probably be without pictures since Vista doesn't seem to like my camera program!


  1. Welcome back :)

    If John didn't delete the 2nd partition drive then your HP info should still be there, just need to burn a CD and load it

  2. Thank God I have Brian to handle all this stuff! None of it makes sense to me!

    I got your letter! Thanks!


  3. I have no idea what anything on your post means, but it definately makes me thankful to be in the USA when the computer goes down. We were without our high speed internet service for two days, and we thought it was forever. Your experiences in Ghana help me to realize all that I take for granted. Thank the Lord for friends like you to help me look at my piddly problems in the right perspective.

  4. i totally stuff is so complicated and yet can be manipulated so crazily...we aren't great fans of MS in our house (we're Mac users), but John deals with it at church as he is the computer guy...i've learned ALOT the past year, though only just enough to be dangerous :) glad you're back up though...i put an ultrasound pic of our 3rd baby GIRL on our blog :)...her name is Mikalah Elisabeth......

  5. Glad your back--that sounds confusing!