Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Computer Problems!!!

I am typing this blog from a Computer Cafe, please if you hear Cafe and get a picture in your mind of a Starbucks type place with coffee and jazz music, and all the people looking like they walked out of a Gap Catalog, than you will be a little disappointed with our cafe here. Here they are just a room with a bunce of old computer that you pay to use. I know that most of you are used to Patty's way of writing, but please bear with me. I am writing this log from an internet cafe, across town because our computer has decided to take a furlough for about a month. On Sunday after returning home from church we tried to turn on our computer, and found out that the main board of the computer had been ruined. Which has started a long chain of events that should hopefully end in a few weeks. As you know we do not have any Best Buys, Wal-Marts, or Circuit City stores here. So to get help fixing computers is costly and time consuming. But, thank the Lord for my brother-in-law that knows everything about computers. Please just pray that we can get back online soon. I will found out today if I need to buy a new part and hopefully it can be mailed to Bridgeport in one to two weeks. Then from there it will move to the post-office. And if the great boys in blue do their job, we should get the parts in another two weeks. Please pray that when it arrives that I can fix everything.
So to make the story short, we will not be posting for a few weeks. But I am sure that my wife will have plenty of interesting story to post when she returns.


  1. Hi Patti & John! I found your blog through the Piatt's blog. It is so good to see you online! It has been too long since I've seen you in person. Well, my husband and I have some exciting news....we are expecting our first baby, due Jan 15! :) We find out Aug 22 what we are having. The Lord is so good to bless us in His time! It looks like your ministry in Africa is growing and God is blessing. I think of you guys often and remember our days together at Crown...seems like forever ago! I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Please keep in touch! With much love, Dahlia Vazquez :)

  2. well that 'brother-in-law' that knows everything about computers must be a real moron if you poor guys still cant blog :(

  3. "Oh, and did I also mention that the mechanic's daughter thought she would make a good third wife for John?"

    Who's Johns second wife?