Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missions Team Prayer Requests

As you think of it, please be in prayer for our upcoming missions team coming from the States. They are leaving the States on Thursday and should land here in Ghana on Friday night. They will be with us as we have our first Sunday service towards starting the new church. The Devil is continuing to fight as we prepare to start this new church. Please be in specific prayer about our meeting place - the headmistress of the school has been very helpful, but we are running into some problems with her assistant. Basically, he wants us to pay him for anything and everything! The headmistress keeps telling us one thing, but when we go to the school, he tells us something different and then says we have to pay. At this point he says we are going to have to meet on the bottom floor right next to another church, instead of upstairs in our own section. This will not only cause confusion when inviting people to attend, but "churches" here are very loud and disturbing as they all speak in tongues (very loudly) and drum (very loudly)! Pray that we can get this situation worked out quickly and easily. Pray, too, that the Lord really uses the team while they are here to see many people reached and many good contacts made for the future!
We will update you as the trip progresses!

1 comment:

  1. We love you guys and know God will do some great things while the team is there.
    Take care!