Saturday, May 10, 2008


Although many people think the life of an African missionary is filled with all kinds of strange and exciting adventures, the truth of the matter is that most of the time, things here are pretty normal. But sometimes.....they are not! As I've said before, we do not live in a hut, we have electricity, and we have running water. Well, most of the time, anyways! Last Sunday, our water quit flowing. This is actually a normal occurence. Our water usually works from 4-7 am and if it is a good day, it comes on again from 4-7 pm. So, we have two reserve tanks behind our house that we fill when the water is on. We also have a very large plastic trash can and 6 buckets that we keep filled in the house at all times.

Monday morning the water didn't come on -- oh well! No big deal! Tuesday morning the water didn't com on -- well, it's not the first time it's been off for two days! Wednesday morning, no water -- time to start hauling water from the reserve tanks!

Thursday morning, no water -- my arms are starting to get sore! I wonder if Carey and Ella could manage a bucket or two?

Friday morning, no water -- now our reserve tanks are starting to get low. Since we live in an apartment building, the reserve tanks are for everybody.
Saturday morning, no water -- the radio announced that the water would come back on yesterday. I'm sure it will come by tonight. If not, I'll have to start going to the community well, which is about a half mile walk. I sure hope not - that's a lot of walking with heavy buckets!
I'm sure the water will be flowing tomorrow morning!

All of this is just a good reminder to be thankful when we do have water!


  1. I thought we had it bad when they shut the water off here without warning for one day. They usually announce it, but i never got the warning. :) the next time we were prepared. I can't imagine a week without it. Hope it comes on soon. I totally understand learning to appreciate water.

  2. So... have you got water back? Isn't life exciting!