Saturday, May 24, 2008


Have you ever tried to figure out what "normal" is!?! Life has been really busy the last few weeks, and the other day I caught myself wondering when things would get back to normal. The only problem with that is that I think this is normal! Or, as normal as life is ever going to be!
I was sick on Monday and Tuesday (no, I didn't have some wierd African disease). We think I got some bad food or water somewhere. As we had no food in the house, my wonderful husband took the girls out shopping for groceries on Tuesday. If you know anything about grocery shopping in Ghana, that is no small piece of work! By Wednesday I was feeling a bit better, but was still very weak so I would work for a little while and then rest for a little while. Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Thursday night is our new Bible study -- I teach the children. The only problem with that is that I hadn't been able to get my lesson really prepared well. I was praying that Gifty (my soulwinning partner) would be able to come, because I hadn't gotten to translate the lesson to teach. Praise the Lord, she was able to come and translate for me! It started raining just after we started Bible study (which meets outside), but we were able to fit all the kids on Kofi's porch and all the adults met in Linda's shop. Friday was another busy day -- John was able to go to the OIC (like the PTA) and get permission for us to use the school for Sunday services that we've been praying about! I had visitation with Gifty and Amanda in the afternoon, and we made some very good contacts! We are supposed to start a Bible study with a very old couple next week (their niece is in her late 60s/early 70s!). I am very nervous about that one, as I don't feel my language skills are adequate, but I'm trusting the Lord's help in presenting the gospel to them. We have also been busy preparing for the missions team that is coming from our home church the middle of June. My parents are leading the group, and we are very excited about them coming to help us! Of course, there is lots of work to do to get ready for 14 foreign visitors for two weeks! John has to make a quick day trip to Cape Coast on Monday to work out some details for when the group is here, and then Tuesday starts all our "normal" work again :)
While thinking through all that we've got going on, I've been reminded that whatever "normal" is for me and my family is in the Lord's hands. If I let Him, He'll help us do our job for Him!

I did get a quiet moment Sunday morning to snap this picture of the girls!


  1. Ok...I have these same thoughts! What is normal? I think that normal is really busy, and I cannot handle it in my own strength! We have a group of twenty coming in July, right after we have a baby and move (hopefully), and though we are not in a third world country--it seems as if there is so much to be accomplished. Hope you feel better soon. The girls look beautiful!

  2. PATTY...its been a long time! I was thrilled to find your blog. Normal does seem to just be "crazy" sometimes---though after reading about your laundry situation, I will try to never complain again!! ;)
    We are new to blogging, but we have a page so go see our girls....

  3. Hey--i forgot to give you our blog address: