Friday, April 4, 2008

What's the Point?

Well, what is the point of this blog? I decided if I was going to be a blogger, I should have some reason for doing so! This blog will be a collection of several things: news of the family, news of the ministry, views on life in Africa, views of a missionary in a third world country, and views of a missionary wife. Hopefully these things will be both interesting and helpful not only for friends and family, but also for those who want to know better how to pray for missionaries and even missionaries (especially wives) seeking encouragement!


  1. Hey Patty,
    I am glad you are starting a blog I enjoy looking at the many I know that have them. It also helps keep you updated when you can't call. I love you guys very much. I am praying for you. Your blog looks great. Ames

  2. Hey Patty!!!!!
    This is great ~! Our family will love watching and reading this. Kyle and Jackie are so excited abouted coming to Africa this June!
    We love you guys and pray for you!
    By the way you guys look great!
    Take care!