Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Our Video

Well, hello there!
Things feel very quiet and a bit dusty around here.
This has been quite a year for us. We've been on the road a lot. We've seen a lot.
There have been many days I've wanted to share here, but I've struggled to find the right words.

We are at our very last conference this week so I thought I'd link the video we have been sharing with our churches this year.
I know many of you pray for us regularly, and I hope it is an encouragement and a challenge.

We leave for Ghana in less than a month.
We would appreciate your prayers as we finish up all the last minute things and head home.
I'm hoping to back in this space on a regular basis soon!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Our Life in Pictures

All has been silent in this space for a while.
It has certainly not been because my mind or my life have been quiet :)
Rather than leave it thus, I thought I would share some of our life in pictures.
Maybe some day soon I'll have it in me to share more of what God has been working in my mind and heart.


{Sunrise over the Alps}

{Our home while in Birmingham}

{Holiday Bible Club at Birmingham Baptist Chapel}

{Warwick Castle}

{Warwick Castle}

{Teen Ladies' Outreach, Birmingham}

{the bluebell wood}

{cherry blossoms}

{original authorized version of the Bible, Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-On-Avon}


{Trafalgar Square, London}

{Westminster Abbey}

{Big Ben}

{Oxford Baptist Chapel}


Out West

{Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota}

{the Badlands, South Dakota}

{the Badlands}

{Needles Highway}

{Needles Highway}

{Needles Highway}

{Sylvan Lake}

{Sylvan Lake}

{Iron Mountain}

{Mt. Rushmore}


{Columbia River Gorge, Washington}

{world's largest Sitka Spruce tree, Olympic National Park, Washington}

{driftwood by the Pacific Ocean}

{microworld of the temperate rainforest}

{world's largest cedar tree, Olympic National Forest, Washington}

{Snoqualmie Pass during forest fires}

{South entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming}

{Old Faithful}

{Mammoth Hot Springs}

{The Grand Tetons}

{Dragon's Mouth Springs, Yellowstone}

{the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone}

{Lili's sixth birthday}

{Smokey Mountains}

{Smokey Mountains}

{Cade's Cove, Tennessee}

{Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum, Missouri}

{Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum, Missouri}